Earth Science
Course Description

 This course is designed to interpret and understand the world around you.  To do so, students will investigate and study the interactions between the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere to explain Earth’s formation, processes, history, landscapes, and changes over time.  Students are required to take notes, participate in class activities and discussions, perform labs, complete required readings and homework, and create projects or presentations.  However, the major tool for success in science will be the student’s Interactive Science Notebook.  Students will be working in their Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) daily and it will serve as a major part of the student’s grade in Science.  It will also act as a study guide and portfolio of their work. The ISN will stay in the class daily and will only go home as needed (to study or to request a parent signature). 

Units of Study

Unit 1 - Nature of Science

Unit 2 - Atmosphere

Unit 3 - Weather

Unit 4 - Sun-Moon-Earth System

Unit 5 -  The Universe

Unit 6 - Stars

Unit 7 - Plate Tectonics

Unit 8 - Forces that Shape the Earth

Class Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Helpful Links

Remind - We will be using Remind as our class communication tool.  To join Remind please see the attached instructions. 

Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) - We will be using the website Personalized Learning Platform as a student learning management system to house all of our lessons.  Students can access the site by clicking below.